Top 10 ways to start your year healthily/stress free

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Top 10 ways to start your year healthily/stress free

Kickstart your healthy eating regime

With Fiona Hunter

The Souper Swap Challenge is an excellent way to kickstart your healthy eating regime. A bowl of soup is a nutritious and filling lunch and has much less fat and calories than many other lunchtime options, says Fiona Hunter, highly respected, experienced and qualified nutritionist, food writer and broadcaster.

“With some types of soup contributing up to three portions of vegetables, reaching your five a day target should be a doddle. The Souper Swap Challenge will also help you save you time (no more queuing at the sandwich shop) and money.”

A balanced lunch should include some protein, carbohydrate, a small amount of fat, plenty of vegetables and some fruit. 

Here are a few of Fiona's Top Tips to start your year healthily/stress free:

Tip 1 - Commit

Make a commitment to healthy eating – you only have one body so it’s important to look after it.  Healthy eating doing doesn’t have to be expensive, hard work or boring – making small changes to the food you choose and way you eat, like taking a packed lunch to work, can make a huge difference.

Tip 2 - Remove temptation

Spring clean your fridge, freezer and kitchen cupboards – if you still have lots of tempting chocolate and biscuits left over after Xmas why not donate them to the local food bank? If you can’t bear to part with them at least hide them away as studies show that when tempting treats are on display where you can see them you eat twice as much as you would if they were hidden away.

Tip 3 - Get organised

Restock your kitchen which lots of healthy stuff and ingredients that will help you make a quick and healthy meal or snack at the end of a busy day.

Tip 4 - Plan ahead

Eating a healthily is much easier if you plan ahead. Try to take few minutes to sit down at the weekend and write a menu plan for the week ahead. Forward planning will help you become more organised and a little time and energy invested in planning your meals will pay dividends later in the week when your energy levels and good intentions might be flagging.

Tip 5 - Eat regularly

Eating little and often - 3 small meals with a couple of healthy snack between – is the best way to keep your blood sugar stable – when your blood sugar levels start to dip you are more likely to make poor food choices and overeat at meals.  Snack foods are often high in fat, salt or sugar so choose your snacks wisely. 

Tip 6 - Drink more water

The fact that we could survive for up to 50 days without food but only a few days without water shows just how vital it is for good health.

Tip 7 - Don't deny the foods you enjoy

If you cut out all the foods you enjoy your diet is bound to fail. Learn how to adapt your favourite meals to make them healthier and allow yourself a treat now and again. If you include the foods you like to eat in your diet  – but in moderation and as a treat rather than  regular part of your diet – you’re much more likely to stick with your healthy resolutions long term. 

Tip 8 - Get active

Instead of meeting a friend in a bar this weekend – why do something that doesn’t involve eating or drinking why not join a salsa class, go for a bike ride or a long walk in the country? 

Tip 9 - Shop online

If you haven’t tried shopping online already why not give it a go - it’s quick and easy to do and you’re less likely to be tempted unhealthy treats and snacks.

Pile your plate high with veggies – remember 5-a-day is the minimum you should be eating – vegetables are packed vitamins minerals and lots of other healthy stuff like dietary fibre and phytochemicals.

Tip 10 - Make some time each day to have some fun

Laughter really is the best medicine - chemicals produced by the body when we’re happy help to strengthen the immune system – do at least one thing each day which makes you happy.


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