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Baxters Favourites Scotch Broth 400g
"The taste of our Scotch Broth makes me think of home and the nights my family have spent together sheltered...
Price: £1.10
Baxters Favourites Royal Game Soup 400g
"I'll never forget the story about my grandmother Ethel, making this soup in her kitchen. It's the very first recipe...
Price: £1.10
Baxters Favourites Oxtail Soup 400g
"A classic British soup. I love its rich flavour which is subtly enhanced with our special blend of herbs, spices...
Price: £1.10
Baxters Favourites Highlanders Broth 400g
"This is one of our most classic recipes. A rich & satisfying broth made with beef & mutton, a variety...
Price: £1.10
Baxters Favourites Cream of Tomato Soup 400g
"Did you know, while each batch of soup is simmering, it's tasted every 15 minutes to make sure it tastes...
Price: £1.10
Baxters Favourites Cock-a-Leekie Soup 400g
""Another Baxter family favourite! We create this soup by blending the best possible leeks with the other essential components; tender...
Price: £1.10
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