Vegetarian Products

It’s not just our famous vegetable soups, lots of our products are suitable for you, from chutneys to deli toppers.
Baxters Red Slaw Deli Topper 280g
"Add a bit of punch to your burgers, pulled pork and cooked meats with these shredded vegetables in malt vinegar...
Price: £1.75
Baxters Vegetarian Sweet Potato & Chipotle Soup 400g
"Using our flavour expertise, we've combined smokey chipotle peppers, creamy sweet potatoes and a dash of paprika to wake up...
Price: £1.70
Baxters Favourites Potato And Leek Soup 400g
"Nourishing leeks paired with soft chunks of potato - glorious! Our talented chefs have the balance just right. It's real...
Price: £1.60
Baxters Favourites Cream Of Mushroom Soup 400g
"We tasted over 50 recipes to create this soup.  It's extremely creamy, bursting with flavoursome mushroom s and delicately seasoned. ...
Price: £1.60
Baxters Favourites Cream of Tomato Soup 400g
"Did you know, while each batch of soup is simmering, it's tasted every 15 minutes to make sure it tastes...
Price: £1.60
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