Vegetarian Products

It’s not just our famous vegetable soups, lots of our products are suitable for you, from chutneys to deli toppers.
Baxters Favourites Minestrone Soup 400g
"Every spoonful of this Mediterranean recipe is bursting with flavour and nourishing goodness.  It's tricky to get the balance of...
Price: £1.60
Baxters Favourites Potato And Leek Soup 400g
"Nourishing leeks paired with soft chunks of potato - glorious! Our talented chefs have the balance just right. It's real...
Price: £1.60
Baxters Favourites Cream Of Mushroom Soup 400g
"We tasted over 50 recipes to create this soup.  It's extremely creamy, bursting with flavoursome mushroom s and delicately seasoned. ...
Price: £1.60
Baxters Favourites Cream of Tomato Soup 400g
"Did you know, while each batch of soup is simmering, it's tasted every 15 minutes to make sure it tastes...
Price: £1.60
Baxters Crinkled Beetroot 340g
"Every one of our freshly harvested beets is hand selected for quality.  We gently steam the beetroot and then pickle,...
Price: £1.60
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