Baxters Iconic Classics

Throughout the generations, some recipes never go out of favour. Our Baxters classics are a collection of our much-loved family recipes that are pillars of the Baxters family kitchen.
Baxters Classics Taster Box
Iconic recipes are the gourmet lifeblood of our family company. Dip into these remarkable mainstays of the Baxters Kitchen. Order...
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Baxters Oxtail Soup 400g
A classic British soup made with beef, oxtail and vegetables. This recipe delivers a rich slow-cooked flavour which is subtly...
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Baxters Royal Game Soup 400g
Baxters Royal Game soup was the first soup ever created by Ethel Baxter back in 1929. Combining venison and pheasant...
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Baxters Cock-a-Leekie Soup 400g
Another Baxter family favourite - this traditional Scottish soup combines pieces of tender chicken and a mouth-watering stock with a...
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Baxters Cranberry Jelly 210g
Baxters Cranberry Jelly is bursting with juicy North American cranberries sourced for their perfect sweetness. This popular jelly is a...
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Baxters Redcurrant Jelly 210g
Made from succulent redcurrants, our Redcurrant Jelly is a delicious tasting recipe that's a real family favourite. It's simply perfect...
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Baxters Seafood Sauce 170g
It's the twist of lemon in our lovely tangy Seafood Sauce recipe that makes it such a perfect accompaniment to...
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Baxters Tartare Sauce 170g
The distinctive flavour of capers with a zingy twist of lemon and delicious creaminess makes our Tartare Sauce the perfect...
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