Baxters Iconic Classics

Throughout the generations, some recipes never go out of favour. Our Baxters classics are a collection of our much-loved family recipes that are pillars of the Baxters family kitchen.
Baxters Favourites Oxtail Soup 400g
"A classic British soup made with beef, oxtail and vegetables. This recipe delivers a rich slow-cooked flavour which is subtly...
Price: £1.10
Baxters Favourites Highlanders Broth 400g
"You do not have to be a Highlander to enjoy our Highlanders Broth, all you need is a good appetite...
Price: £1.10
Baxters Favourites Scotch Broth 400g
"Ever popular, it was a founding recipe from the Baxter family and remains one of our personal favourites. More than...
Price: £1.10
Baxters Favourites Royal Game Soup 400g
"Baxters Royal Game soup was the first soup ever created by Ethel Baxter back in 1929. Combining venison and pheasant...
Price: £1.10
Baxters Favourites Cock-a-Leekie Soup 400g
"Another Baxter family favourite - this traditional Scottish soup combines pieces of tender chicken and a mouth-watering stock with a...
Price: £1.10
Baxters Favourites Cream of Tomato Soup 400g
"Our tasty tomatoes blend perfectly with fresh, Scottish double cream to create this firm family favourite. You haven't tasted cream...
Price: £1.10